Welcome to our group!

Welcome to NeurodiverseIT, the BCS neurodiversity specialist group.

This group helps the industry access the unique talents of neurodivergent IT professionals, supports those individuals in their work and raises awareness of their contribution to broader society through that work.

We welcome those with diagnoses of neurodivergent conditions, those who identify with those conditions, and those with a personal or professional interest in neurodiversity. The group is run for and by neurodivergent people.

If you want to get involved or have any ideas for our forthcoming programme, please get in touch at neurodiverseit-chair@bcs.org.

Matthew Bellringer, Chair

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To contact the group, please emailĀ groups@bcs.uk

About us

The aim of Neurodiversity is to ensure the wider IT industry understand that diversity is essential to IT, especially as technology advances, and remove barriers to access for those who are neurodiverse.