1. To help the IT industry tap into the diversity of thought in the broader community, the Neurodiversity Member Group will:

  • Educate IT organisations on the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce
  • Promote neurodiversity as a way to help solve skills gaps
  • Educate recruiters on inclusive practices
  • Raise awareness of IT as a career option amongst the wider neurodiverse community

2. To support neurodivergent individuals within the industry, the Neurodiversity Member Group will:

  • Raise awareness of the rights of individuals and access to support
  • Signpost sources of support
  • Promote peer support and mentoring opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for careers advice, access to roles models and allyship
  • Educate IT organisations on reasonable adjustments for neurodivergent individuals

3. To help raise awareness of neurodiversity’s contribution to broader society through the IT industry, the Neurodiversity Member Group will:

  • Increasing accessibility to the BCS by facilitating access for neurodivergent individuals to digital-based education, training and accreditation
  • Raising awareness of BCS within neurodiverse communities
  • Amplify the work being done by other diversity-focused organisations in the ecosystem
  • Challenge stereotypes and support / enable diverse IT communities
  • Address inclusive practices within the tech industry
  • To become reliable specialists for BCS activities and events around neurodiversity
  • Educate the BCS membership on the importance of all forms of diversity in the sector
  • Members of the Neurodiversity Member Group to be active public voices for diversity and inclusion for BCS, for external PR engagements‚ÄÉ
  • Objectives