The Tester is the newsletter of the BCS Software Testing specialist group. It is published a few weeks before each conference and contains advanced details of the programme and speakers, as well as some fantastic articles on various aspects of Software Testing.

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We are always on the look out for new content so if you have a testing story you would like to share, a test technique you would like to evangelise or testing research you would like to publish, then The Tester is the place to do it. Simply email our Tester Editor Andy Shaw on

You're welcome to write a small article (approx. 500 words) or a large article (approx. 1000 words). In either case, supporting graphics / diagrams are welcome and encouraged.

Even if you're not sure whether your material is ready for a wider audience, feel free to email your work-in-progress or a brief abstract and we can work from there.

We are also keen to grow our Testing Events calendar, so if you are planning a future event that may be of interest to the BCS Software Testing specialist group members feel free to forward details to Andy on for possible inclusion.