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We arrange a programme of public events for expert speakers to share their insight on a wide range of topics.

Everyone is welcome, it would be great to see you at our next event or meeting. If you have ideas for a topic for a future event, you'd be interested in we'd like here from your, please do contact us at: swales-chair@bcs.org.uk.

Andy Bellamy, Chair

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About us

We've been serving our local communities, by sharing our knowledge, best practice, and our time. We offer opportunities to network with other people locally, nationally, and internationally.

Your branch is managed by volunteers, supported by the BCS, who are committed to working with everyone, all organisations, schools, colleges, and universities to raise the profile of all the professions in technology and the BCS for the benefit of everyone. The purpose of the BCS being 'Making IT good for society'

More information on the benefits and opportunity for volunteers with the BCS can be found in the Volunteer Hub.

Our STEM and Lego Mindstorms Working Group encourages and inspires young people, of all genders their teachers and leaders to use robotics and technology as part of their education journey. The Group has developed teaching resources, delivered events, and have created online resources to help young people and their teachers understand what robots are, how to build and program small robots and how this relates to Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the curriculum.