Swansea University's History of Computing Collection (HoCC) is an archive, museum and study centre at the University’s Singleton Campus. It was founded by John V Tucker FBCS and Steve Williams FBCS, and launched publicly at a BCS South Wales event in 2007.

Its aim is to help preserve and research the development of computing, and its influence and impact on society; it offers opportunities to engage with the complex history of this digital age. To do this, it collects a wide range of materials: equipment, software, manuals, books, ephemera and personal archives and testimonies.

The Collection has established several research specialisms such as

  • computing before computers
  • theories of data, computation and software development
  • security

and, especially, the

  • development of computing and its social impact in south Wales.

Have a look at some of the resources the HoCC have put together:

HoCC website (soon to be revised)
HoCC Flickr account
HoCC YouTube Channel