With the encouragement and partnership of the BCS South Wales Branch, Swansea University’s History of Computing Collection has launched a new long-term investigation in March 2023:

To explore the history of computing and its impact in south Wales based on the memories and experiences of the members of the BCS, present and past.

You might like to note the BCS South Wales Branch was founded in 1958 and so members have witnessed and helped create massive technical and social changes across our society.

All sectors - schools, industry, commerce, public services, medicine, the military, social and private life, etc - are of interest and, of course, their computing problems, technologies, achievements and failures. For some of these sectors there work is in progress; for others, little if anything is known. Many people have been involved in significant developments in our region; many organisations have interesting computing histories of their own.

One concrete task is to gather a complete set of records of BCS South Wales Branch meetings, special events and initiatives, and members.

VIC 20
VIC 20

If you (and your attic and garage storehouses) can help with this task do get in touch via the email below!

If you like to speak to the team at HoCC, or to learn more, please contact John V Tucker - BCS South Wales Branch Committee j.v.tucker@swansea.ac.uk