Serving on the branch committee can be fun and rewarding. If you would like to help shape our future, please contact any member of the team to discuss your interest without obligation or commitment.

There are no interviews or intimidating questions.

Blay Whitby


Bob Harvey

After graduating in mathematics, Bob worked in IT, mainly at Unilever, EDS and then as IS Director at Barnardos. He has been a member of BCS throughout his career. Since retiring he has lead the Ethics Group and Carbon Footprint Working Group, been on the Advisory Council, chaired the Council Development Group, been a member of Prof Board, been a Council elected Trustee and is now a BCS Past President and member of Nominations Committee.

Harold Cloutt


Meetings Officer
Matthew Bellringer

Inclusion Officer
Brian Hitchen

Social Media and Meeting Coordinator
Paul Rumsey

Committee members

  • Nauris Kalnins
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Meg Tennies