• The consultancy process and the development of related skills
  • Management issues
  • Technology issues
  • Ethical, legal and social issues
  • Networking and social events

The London event model

The challenge facing all event organisers is to address as many as possible of the objectives of the group through events of high impact and the provision of maximum benefit to a wide audience at the least cost.

A model which was created some years ago and achieved considerable success and which has been further developed at CONSIG is described below.

Event Agenda

  1. Presentations (1-3) given by highly experienced and knowledgeable eminent leaders of their professions.
  2. Q&A session with the panel of speakers including discussions with contributions from attendees
  3. Informal discussion and networking over cold buffet and drinks.

Attendees and cost

Those invited (via promotion on websites and newsletters, weekly publications, etc.) include BCS CONSIG members, other interested BCS members, members of other professional institutions, students and staff of academic institutions and any interested member of the public.

There is a small attendance fee to cover the cost of catering only as there is no charge to BCS groups for use of the excellent facilities at Southampton Street. This helps to remove some of the risk as there is no fixed overhead.

This obviates the need to estimate the number of attendees well in advance; and the requirement for pre-booking ensures that the catering order can be placed a few days before the event based on the number of firm bookings.

Benefits to individuals

The benefits of attendance include the opportunity to:

  • Meet eminent leaders of their professions and learn from the presentations and discussions
  • Share knowledge and experiences
  • Network and meet potential collaborators / clients

Benefits to the BCS

These events help to raise the awareness of the BCS among a wide range of academic and professional institutions; and also help (through their presentations and attendance) leaders of authority and eminence in public and private sector organisations to engage more fully with the BCS.

CONSIG Community areas

These are secure areas where members can communicate and get to know one another for mutual benefit. At present these include an area for member's summary CVs and another where members can seek and offer advice and assistance as well as contribute to discussions on topics of interest. In order to access these areas CONSIG members need to register for the free CONNECT service via the BCS home page.


CONSIG collaborates with other professional institutions and appropriate networking groups in order to participate in joint activities for the benefit of all. These sessions help build relationships which could lead to participation with members of other professional bodies in multidisciplinary teams when bidding for and executing consultancy projects.