The programme ran from March to October 2021 and consisted of a series of short, interactive, TED-style talks, where expert speakers discussed success factors with an audience that harnessed the wisdom of experienced consultants with the energy of newcomers. 

Diagram showing the 21 topics in the programme

Who is it for?

It is aimed at new entrants to the profession as well as experienced IT practitioners from all specialities who are considering a move into consultancy. Experienced consultants joined the audience and shared their own thoughts, advice and experiences.

Programme topics

The following topics were discussed:


Each session consisted of 15-20 minutes of presentation with a further 10-15 minutes allowed for contributions from other experienced attendees and questions from the audience. Three topics were covered in each 90-minute event. Each talk has been published as a video along with an accompanying slide pack to provide a permanent, free resource.

A dispersed pool of experts was drawn upon and offered to a wide audience. The sessions used the Zoom conference format. Primary speakers and BCS hosts formed a panel, and contributions from other experienced consultants was encouraged.

Diagram of the Zoom conference format