Law SG Chair
Chiara Rustici

Dott.Chiara Rustici is a cross-border GDPR and EU privacy analyst and an independent academic researcher on data regulation affiliated with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni (DIET), the telecommunication engineering department of "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

Formerly an International Law tutor for the University of Edinburgh, research fellow with Italy's CNR, teaching fellow in Jurisprudence at the University of Genoa, and Philosophy of Law research scholar at the university of Milan, she has published extensively on Common Law, the role of judicial precedent and case-based legal reasoning.

More recently, her articles on how businesses should prepare for the GDPR appeared in Computer Law Review International, Journal of Data Protection and Privacy, Bloomberg, O'Reilly, ComputerWeekly, HelpNetSecurity, Advisen, IQPC, Pharma IQ, Mobile Ecosystem Forum eBulletin and EDRM. Her interviews on the impact of the GDPR on specific sectors have appeared in TheTimes, The Guardian, The Lancet, PrivacySense, EyeforPharma, InsurTechInsights, and The IoT Podcast.

She helped launch a GDPR Art. 40 Code of Conduct at Duke University's Center for Judicial Studies and organise in-depth GDPR workshops at the BCS.

She sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy.

Colin Pearson CEng CITP MBCS

BCS member since 1974 - active on several SG committees (Internet, Consultancy) - recently retired from Staffordshire University as Enterprise Reader advising SMEs but continues as part-time Expert Witness conducting forensic examinations of computers, contracts and other related evidence, criminal & civil. Certified by, SJE Law Society Register.

Webmaster / Equality Officer
Chiara Rustici

Expert Group Liaison
Dr Nigel Young CITP MBCS MMA FAE (Fellow of The Academy of Experts)

Dr. Nigel Young's background is in mathematics. He started his career applying mathematical and computer techniques to industrial research problems. From there he moved into software development of a mixture of technical and commercial applications.

In 1995, he started acting as an expert witness and he now has a practice in civil and criminal disputes (with the odd family case thrown in). Along the way, Nigel became Chairman of The Academy of Experts, the first of the learned societies for expert witnesses across professions. Nigel is still a member of its Council and works on its various projects. The Academy of Experts (TAE) and The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) are the two learned societies for expert witnesses recognised by the BCS.

Programme Development & IT Professionalism
Dr Stephen Castell CITP MBCS

Dr. Stephen Castell CITP, is a Medallist, IT Consultant of the Year (BCS Professional Awards), an independent expert witness, consultant, mediator and arbitrator, experienced in risk assessment, quality assurance, litigation and dispute resolution in regard to complex, large-scale IT&T systems investment, contracts, implementation projects and operations, and IP, patent and software copyright matters.

Stephen is widely published, and is a past Correspondent of the Computer Law and Security Report: his seminal paper “Forensic Systems Analysis: A Methodology for Assessment and Avoidance of IT Disasters and Disputes” was issued as a Cutter Consortium Executive Report, Enterprise Risk Management & Governance Advisory Service series (3, 2, March 8, 2006).

His article, ‘The future decisions of RoboJudge HHJ Arthur Ian Blockchain: Dread, delight or derision?’, Castell, S. (2018), Computer Law & Security Review, 34, 4, August 2018, 739-753, the Landmark 200th issue of CLSR, notes that, while many are concerned about defining and developing AI Machine Ethics, Castell's Second Dictum: “You cannot construct an algorithm that will reliably decide whether or not any algorithm is ethical” (2017) reveals that this is a futile exercise. “Talking about the ethics of machines might be like speaking of the happiness of water".

David Misell

David Misell MIET MBCS MSc is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. David has had a keen interest in computing law since completing the Computer Crime Module as part of the Royal Holloway University of London Information Security Group Master in Information security. David has always had a problem with questions like Have you ever hacked? since solving a task set by his first computer studies teacher - "Write a piece of code to reproduce itself". He solved it on a PDP/11 clone which was itself the first example of infringement of DEC's IPR by Systime.

In 2005/6 David was able to detect what became known as APT one and was able to produce suitable multi-coloured security models to allow a range of internet, 3rd party development, and government systems to co-exist on the UKIP model infrastructure. This was taken through ISO 27001/2/3 in 2004.

His first accredited system was the BT Labs Remote access system: a precursor to broadband, in use globally.

He was Technical Design Authority for crisis operations in the former Yugoslavia, where he built infrastructure at night and securely managed the network in Sarajevo for the IFOR and SFOR peace missions.

David is the treasurer of the Communications Management Association and DevSecOps groups of the BCS.

Events Programme Manager
David Clarke

David Clarke is the Founder of GDPR Technology Forum, with over 18241 members and an internationally known GDPR and security advisor.

He is recognised as one of the top 10 influencers by Thompson Reuter’s “Top 30 most influential thought-leaders and thinkers on social media, in risk management, compliance and RegTech in the UK” and is in the the top 50 list of Global Experts by Kingston Technology, Telensa Top 50 Smart City Influencers and an AWS Influencer.

In the past, David held multiple security management positions such as Global Head of Security Service Delivery and Chief of Staff, Global Head of Product Enablement and Head of Security Infrastructure for Global FTSE 100 companies.

His experience in both security and compliance including ISO27001, PCI-DSS, BS 10012 and Data protection make him the professional authority on GDPR/Data protection implementation.

He is the author of the only online course on Breach Management that is APMG International GCHQ Certified.

Chair Emerita
Jennifer Dean




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