Our awards programme

UK IT Industry Awards

Setting the benchmark for outstanding performance in the business, these awards recognise exceptional projects, people and technologies that have progressed the industry. There are four categories: Personal, Organisational, Project and Technology

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Lovelace Medal

The Lovelace Medal is one of the UK's highest accolades in computing. The award recognises outstanding contribution to the advancement of IT and the winner is given the opportunity to speak about their work as host of our annual Lovelace Lecture.

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Roger Needham Award

The Roger Needham Award is made annually for distinguished research contribution by a UK based researcher with up to 10 years post-doctoral research. The winner presents their work at the annual Roger Needham Lecture

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Distinguished Dissertations

Each year, we work with the Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) to award the best UK PhD/DPhil dissertations in computer science, raising the profile of the significant contribution made by postgraduate students in the UK.

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Research Spotlight

If you’re a female postgraduate student, you can apply to take part in the Research Spotlight competition that takes place during the London Hopper Colloquium one-day event. This part of the day acts as a forum with a number of women presenting their work. At the end, three speakers are awarded for their presentations based on both the content and delivery.