F-TAG is chaired by Adam Leon Smith CITP FBCS, and is made up of over 20 BCS Fellows selected from diverse demographic and professional backgrounds; their expertise ranges from software testing to Smart Homes.

The group’s insights complement the work of BCS’ Council and Boards, such as the Society Board which is focused on the relationship between IT and society.

BCS' sector-leading Fellows Technical Advisory Group (F-TAG) distils insights on emerging technologies and techniques from the experience of BCS Fellows. We make these insights available to policy makers, media, our members, and a range of stakeholders. For example F-TAG recently worked with government to agree an AI safety process framework. The group also lead the creation of BCS’ open letter, signed by 1300 experts, calling for AI to be seen as a force for good.

You can read F-TAG’s insight, analysis and thought leadership on bcs.org/ftag

Terms of reference (PDF)
External Representation on Technical Standards Policy (PDF)

The key aims of F-TAG are:

To be a knowledge hub for the exchange of ideas, innovation and guidance on emerging technologies and techniques.

To promote the insight and prestige of BCS Fellowship, advance professionalism and increase the value of BCS Membership.

To produce thought leadership on issues where BCS can make original contributions to advancing the profile and competitiveness of the ‘UK Plc’.

Which topics will F-TAG consider?

F-TAG will identify and develop thought leadership in the topic areas displayed in the FTAG map of expert fields below, dependant on their relevance and how these industries evolve.

BCS’ ambition is that F-TAG content such as detailed technical papers, will also be used in a range of accessible content like webinars, videos, blogs or media commentary.

F-TAG is another step in our mission to make IT good for society, amplify our external impact and increase the value that Fellows can, uniquely, offer the rest of the BCS membership.

F-TAG map of expert skills

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How do I join F-TAG?

We expect to select a number of new F-TAG members each year, as terms are fixed, and we welcome applications from a diverse range of BCS Fellows with proven expertise in cutting-edge areas of technology and practice.

All F-TAG members must care about diversity and inclusion and believe in the principle of making technically complex subjects accessible and meaningful to a range of audiences.

I’m not a Fellow yet - how do I get involved?

It is essential that F-TAG considers points of view and suggestions for topics from as wide a range of voices as possible, outside of the BCS Fellowship community.

Please email ftag@bcs.uk with any suggestions or ideas. We will review them as part of F-TAG’s process and reply to you.

Join F-TAG now

Anyone with an interest in F-TAG and its work can contact the F-TAG Chair, Adam Leon Smith through ftag@bcs.uk

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