Artificial intelligence

Britain can set 'gold standard' in ethical artificial intelligence
August 2021
The UK can lead the world in creating artificial intelligence that cares about humanity - provided more people from non-tech and diverse backgrounds choose to study and work in the field, according to a new BCS report.

Use of artificial intelligence for image analysis in breast cancer screening
July 2021
BCS response to National Screening Committee’s ‘Use of artificial intelligence for image analysis in breast cancer screening’ consultation.

AI and your job
September 2020
This research shows that the opportunity, at least for the present, is for businesses to train their people to work with AI - collaboratively - rather than AI being a source of job loss.

The exam question: How do we make algorithms do the right thing?
September 2020
Algorithms that change people's lives - for example when estimating students' grades - should now meet strict standards of ethics and competence, according to a BCS report.

CDEI and BCS study into Ethical Maturity of AI Practice
February 2020
Mandy Chessell CBE FREng FBCS, Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor at IBM, discusses a new joint study between CDEI and BCS to develop practical guidance on embedding ethical practice in MSc courses on Machine Learning and Data Science.

Scaling up the Ethical Artificial Intelligence MSc Pipeline
May 2019
Final report to the Office for AI covering frameworks and models of Industry-funded Masters Courses in Machine Learning and related AI skills.


BCS response to the Department for Education National Skills Fund
September 2021
In this wide-ranging response to a government consultation on the National Skills Fund, the BCS Policy, Education and Learning and Development teams looked at what needs to be done to help adults from all backgrounds access the digital skills training they need.

Virtual festival of digital skills: 2021 the economic road ahead
January 2021
This report examines the digital skills needed to nurture future resilience across areas such as education, training, healthcare, social care, and that will create a thriving, prosperous economy that helps all of us in every part of the UK.

Post-16 level 2 and below study and qualifications in England
January 2021
This response covers the consultation question 'Do you agree that we should remove funding approval from the level 2 ICT FSQ and level 2 ICT User qualifications?'

BCS response to the IfATE second funding consultation
October 2020
The digitalisation of public life during the COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented opportunity to drive a more comprehensive digital agenda encompassing access, literacy, skills, and safety.

How will BCS support the Government's job plan?
September 2020
BCS wants to use our roles as the professional body for IT, to assist the government in helping people regain employment and benefit from quality training.

Digital skills consultation
BCS welcomes the opportunity to submit evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Digital Skills call for evidence on the impact of COVID-19 and lessons learned for improving digital skills in the future.

Royal Society - After the reboot: computing education in UK schools 
November 2017
BCS contributed to a landmark Royal Society report in 2017 that led to the government setting up of the National Centre for Computing Education, thereby improving the quality of computer science teaching in schools.

Tech and society

Data - A new direction
November 2021
BCS response to a UK government consultation on proposed reforms to the UK’s data protection regime.

Digital regulation
September 2021
BCS welcomes the government focus on stimulating innovation, productivity and growth through digital technologies and the need to foster constructive competition.

Digital identity and attributes
September 2021
A 2021 Cabinet Office report found that more than 9% of UK adults don’t have a valid photo ID, and 2% don’t have any form of ID at all.

Algorithms, competition and consumer harm
March 2021
BCS welcomes the CMA invitation for potential collaboration on their algorithms programme. This document details BCS's main observations.

Anticipated acquisition by NVIDIA of Arm’s Intellectual Property Group business
January 2021
Joint response by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Hermann Hauser, Co-founder, Venture Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners; Co-founder, Arm.

Digital strategy for Scotland
December 2020
Read our response to the Scottish Government’s Renewing Scotland's full potential in a digital world: a consultation on the Digital Strategy for Scotland.

National data strategy
November 2020
As explained by the Rt Hon. Oliver Dowden CBE MP the National Data Strategy
is intended to fulfil the “government’s wider ambition for a thriving, fast-growing digital sector in the UK, underpinned by public trust”. 

Huawei survey
July 2020
What expert members think about the UK government's decision to remove Huawei from involvement with the 5G network. 

How to level up the economic performance across the UK
June 2020
BCS response to a request by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy for input to its roundtable.

BCS diversity report 2020
May 2020
BCS campaigns for a more diverse workforce in the digital industries. The BCS annual diversity report looks at employment trends.

IT leaders report
March 2020
Each year we survey IT leaders to discover what their views are about the rapidly evolving world of tech. This year we found that cyber security is the main issue that keeps senior manager awake at night.

Consultation response to the DCMS National Data Strategy
July 2019
BCS is one of the professional engineering institutes providing a collective response to the call for evidence through the new National Engineering Policy Centre, under the auspices of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Online Harms whitepaper
BCS welcomes and urges the need for effective and reasonable social media regulation, however it is important users and organisations are aware of their respective responsibilities in the use of social media platforms.

Brexit and IT
BCS comments on IT and exiting the European Union.

Health and care

COVID status certification review
March 2021
In this paper BCS responds to the government’s call-for-evidence on COVID-19 vaccine certification, looking at the technical and ethical challenges of a digital solution.

Contact tracing apps
April 2020
BCS response to “How can contact tracing apps be managed to assist Government in answering key questions to address the current crisis and enjoy public support?”

Diversity and inclusion

BCS diversity report 2021: Age
July 2021
BCS analysis of the latest ONS figures on age representation in IT.

BCS diversity report 2021: Disability
July 2021
BCS analysis of the latest ONS figures on disability representation in IT.

BCS diversity report 2021: Women in IT
July 2021
BCS analysis of the latest ONS figures on gender representation in IT.

BCS diversity report 2021: Ethnicity
July 2021
BCS analysis of the latest ONS figures on ethnicity representation in IT.

BCS response the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Diversity and Inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
January 2021
This response specifically looks at the IT sector in terms of gender and ethnicity given the extent of under-representation in the industry.

BCS Insights research 2020
June 2020
Our BCS Insights 2020 report is informed by BCS research from the last six months. The additional reports feature BCS analysis on the latest ONS figures as well as exclusive member research on AI, diversity and the state of the IT industry in 2020.

BCS Insights research 2019
June 2019
Our BCS Insights 2019 report is informed by BCS research from the last six months. The additional nine reports feature BCS analysis on the latest ONS figures as well as exclusive member research on AI, diversity and the state of the IT industry in 2019.