BCS is about making IT good for society. That means offering practical help by opening our networks, expertise, and facilities to all technologists from Ukraine at this time.

We also want to go further. Membership of our community and the support that comes with it (at no cost) is now open to any IT professional displaced or affected by international conflict.

BCS commitments

BCS’ President, Mayank Prakash and our interim CEO Robert Deri extend the following offer to professional bodies in the Ukraine as well as to Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation:

  • Any Ukrainian IT practitioner is immediately welcome into the BCS membership community at no cost.

This means:

  • Use of the BCS London Offices for any Ukrainian IT professionals who feel they would benefit from them, and their central location
  • Introduction to relevant local BCS branches and specialist groups across the UK for networking
  • Practical support through our mentoring network, for example, in searching for and applying for IT roles.

Any technologist from Ukraine who feels that membership of our professional body could benefit them or their network should contact us via groups@bcs.uk for further information.

“These are of course small offers during a terrible tragedy for Ukrainian families and for the country. Nevertheless, we hope they are of some real benefit and will continue to strengthen and grow the international community of technology professionals.”

Mayank Prakash FBCS: President, BCS and Robert Deri FCA BFP MBCS: Chief Executive Officer, BCS

How can I get involved as a BCS member?

The network of contacts, friendship and practical advice of our community have always been important reasons for belonging to BCS. That remains true as we look to help colleagues in Ukraine.

We will be reaching out to and working with our members in regional branches and Specialist Groups as we look to collaborate and build a network capable of helping Ukraine - and other nations in future.


Organisations who are recruiting can get involved with Tech Link Ukraine - a central portal connecting IT professionals from Ukraine with tech roles in the UK and Ireland. The platform has been created by a voluntary community of technology leaders including BCS Fellows.

BCS also has a jobs board available for all members looking for a new role in the IT industry, which you can access here.

These are not the only ways to help, and as a well-connected community there will be further recommendations to share. Anyone with suggestions or questions should contact groups@bcs.uk.