BCS has been commissioned by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Michael Mainelli - a Fellow of BCS, to develop a Professional learning
programme as part of his new ethical AI initiative.

As the Chartered Institute for IT, BCS is a leading voice on the ethics of AI and has been consulted by the UK Government and organisations around the world. Our Foundation Certificate in the Ethical Build of AI supports digital professionals to develop AI technologies responsibly, navigating ethical concerns from security to human rights.


Why develop these professional learning modules?

Generative AI has advanced rapidly in recent years, raising ethical concerns about how it could be used. Some have even called for a pause in development until the potential risks have been assessed.

But at BCS, we believe AI has the potential to change the world for the better, and we’ve published an open letter calling for it to be recognised as a positive force rather than an existential threat. We’re confident that, with the right professional and technical standards in place, AI can improve our lives and solve urgent global crises.

As part of our mission to make IT good for society, we’re here to support digital professionals to use AI responsibly. We want to help establish ethical principles for AI development and encourage professionals and organisations to be transparent and accountable.


How can I take the The Foundation Certificate in
the Ethical Build of AI?

This course will become available in early 2024.

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