Making the most of your membership 

We recommend you apply to become a BCS Student member as soon as you enrol so that you can take full advantage of the development opportunities available to you through your membership.

As a BCS Student member you’ll have access to a wide range of career services, professional development tools and networking opportunities, as well as 20% discount across our BCS bookshop. 

You could tap into the knowledge and experience of a BCS mentor, perhaps a post-grad student or newly-qualified practitioner to guide your next steps. Or connect with the global IT community at one of our specialist groups, UK branches or international sections which include hubs in Sri Lanka and Mauritius.  

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Become a BCS Student member today 

Full course membership 

Price: £30  
Duration: Four years 

If you’re studying the complete HEQ programme at all three levels, we recommend taking up the full course option - you’ll be a BCS Student member for four years which should cover your study period.   

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Annual membership 

Price: £20  
Duration: One year 

If you’re not sure which study programme you’re going to follow, you can choose to become a BCS Student member for one year at a time. (Remember that you need to be a BCS member to sit an HEQ exam.)   

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Registrations in Nigeria
Please note, for any candidates wishing to apply for membership or register for exams in Nigeria, there may be financial limits put in place by your bank that will prevent you from completing your registration online.  Please first try to pay using our PayPal option.  If you are unsuccessful, please contact your bank before attempting to pay online or by phone, to ensure that your overseas card payment will be successful.