If you’re an apprentice, an employer or an apprenticeship training provider, there’s never been a better opportunity to celebrate those individuals who are going the extra mile, says Annette Allmark, Head of Apprenticeships at BCS.

The IT and Digital Apprenticeship Awards recognise people who are making a difference. You know who they are: rising stars, colleagues who demonstrate excellence in their learning and people who want to make a difference.

They could be:

  • role models
  • people preparing for work
  • IT workers making a positive impact in their careers

Entries are welcome from digital apprentices, plus digital degree apprentices, T Level students, government-funded Boot Camp learners and former apprentices.

Annette Allmark, Head of Apprenticeships at BCS, explains more...

What’s different about these awards? 

These are the only apprenticeship awards that focus solely on celebrating digital talent. This includes current apprentices, those who will potentially progress onto an apprenticeship, and former apprentices currently developing in their profession.

What are the awards about? 

We are tremendously excited about the BCS IT and Digital Apprenticeship Awards because they will be a huge celebration of the finalists’ achievements, honouring them with the recognition and accolade they deserve.

Which roles will be included in the awards? 

The awards will showcase a variety of inspiring IT and digital careers. Digital skills have been consistently on the up but, post pandemic they are in high demand, so there’s never been a better time to shine the spotlight on digital apprenticeships.

When we say ‘digital’ it’s understandable that some people may not know what it actually means. When we start to expand that single word, we find a whole world of careers and opportunities: cyber, digital marketing, DevOps, data analysis, hardware, software... There are so many routes and pathways – we are celebrating them in their own right through these awards.

So, are the awards only for people who work in the tech sector? 

No, across all the awards, we hope to see nominations and entries from apprentices working in a diverse range of sectors. There’s sometimes the misconception that digital is all about working in tech-related companies, but all sectors rely on digital skills – no matter whether it’s retail, health, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel – every organisation today has a digital touchpoint.

Are the awards only for people currently on a learning programme? 

No, the RITTech professional development award will also recognise those who have qualified and continued to forge a path for their own professional development.

What are you particularly looking to celebrate?

I’m very much looking forward to hearing entrants’ unique stories and experiences; finding out about how they have gone above and beyond to get the most out of their learning and development.

For you

Be part of something bigger, join BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

I’m thrilled that BCS is including categories for digital T-Level students and the government funded Skills Boot Camp learners. Both are important programmes to support a strong talent pipeline into apprenticeships and the IT and digital profession.

Importantly, both T Levels and the Boot Camps provide an opportunity to tap into much needed diverse talent that the IT and digital profession requires.

Will the awards be virtual or an in-person ceremony like the pre-COVID days?

I’m delighted that the awards are going to be presented at an in-person, live event, which will really make it a special evening for the finalists and those celebrating with them. The finalists will be invited to The Reveller at the Tower of London, where we are promised a spectacular evening.

Finally, what are your ambitions for the event going forward? Is this a one-off? 

We can’t wait to welcome the finalists, providers, employers and families at The Reveller, Tower of London on 12 July and very much hope that the 2022 awards set the scene for years to come.

How to nominate and enter

Who can enter and how should they go about entering? 

All digital apprentices who have been in training for the last year are welcome and encouraged to enter. All you need to do is complete an online application. Don’t forget there are categories for Digital Degree Apprentice; Digital T-Level Student; Digital Boot Camp Learner and the RITTech sponsored Professional Development Award.

What’s the key to making your application stand out?

The judges will be looking for examples of how entrants and nominees have gone above and beyond – in the way they have used their skills and personally taken an approach which promotes professionalism.

For example, entrants may have used their learning to make a particular impact within their employer’s organisation, or those they are learning with; their learning may be making a social impact; or they may be in an ambassadorial role for apprenticeships or the occupation – giving back to support others.

What would you say to somebody unsure about applying?

Just do it – just have a go! The opportunity is there for all; if you’re proud of your achievements,  or want to nominate someone you feel proud of, it’s only a short step away from potentially becoming a finalist. Plus, all apprentice winners will automatically be entered into the prestigious UK IT Industry Awards 2022 later this year, which is pretty special.

What do you say to individuals and employers wondering about whether they should invest time in applying? 

For employers, these awards will be as much about telling your organisation’s story and the part you’ve played to help your apprentice’s development. Having an award-winning apprentice on your team is so valuable and also shows customers that your people are well trained and highly competent. It also demonstrates to tomorrow’s prospective apprentices that you’re an employer they should look to join.

For individuals, it’s a fabulous way to showcase their talent and it’s a great thing to have on their CV. And, being at the event – it’ll be a fabulous networking opportunity for everyone – particularly meeting other apprentices and professionals, across a range of different organisations.

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