Report from the Chair November 2015

The Chair, Bob Crookes, reported that at end of September 2015, the GreenIT SG had 1,334 members, and that 26.2% of the GreenIT SG members are located overseas.

During this year, the Specialist Group has undertaken various activities.

John Booth has continued to input into a number of International Standards committees around Data Centre efficiency, and with Bob and Alex has set up Sustainable ICT for London (SfL) a new organisation working with the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) and others to bring together businesses with significant ICT operations in London to improve their efficiency and provide innovative solutions to challenges face by the GLA in delivering their Smart London plan

Richard Lanyon-Hogg developed a set of practical demonstrations of readily available and cheap technologies to show the principles of the Internet of Things - these were successfully run at a members event in London in April

Bob Crooks had secured a BCS stand and delivered a presentation at the annual International Science and Information (SAI) event - this year held in London (28/29 July), and it is hoped  that at the next year’s conference,  a work-stream dedicated to green and efficient IT can be arranged

Other member events included a Webinar (What is a sustainable Data Centre) and joint events with branch members at London (3), Luton (1), and Southampton (1)

Future activities

Thursday 29 October 2015  - Fish and Chips (A Fishy IoT!)

Speaker: Bob Crooks MBE, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Chair of the BCS GreenIT SG

Time: 6pm for 6:30 start, at Southampton Solent University, room RM 321 on the 3rd floor of the in the Reginald Mitchell Building,

Joint meeting with BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS GreenIT SG and Southampton Solent University,

A new venture for the Group….

Work in hand with Leeds Beckett University’s audio visual group to record a video of Richard Llanyon Hogg’s Internet of Things demonstrators Committee hope to be able to share with members and branches in the spring !

2014/2015 GreenIT Competition for HE and FE students

A competition seeking a “Future Vision” strap line for Green ICT in 2024 was held, and the winner was Aldous Rees, for his proposal of a Green Solution to Ocean Plastic Pollution

Aldous presented his proposals at a members event in Southampton and twice in London and gave an update to members in a presentation following the AGM

2015/2016 GreenIT  Student and Open Competition

Theme “Make IT Good for Society”, looking forward 10 years, was announced

Entry required 2 power point slides, the 1st as a visual poster of the idea, the 2nd containing a description of what is proposed, using text etc, with a closing date of 31 March 2016

All members could submit an entry. There are two entry categories

  • Student category covering all students at Universities or other Higher Education or Further Education establishments in the UK or abroad. They could submit entries either as Individuals or as a Group. All entries should be collated for each establishment by someone who was willing to assist as point of contact (not necessary to be a BCS member)
  • individual BCS members could submit entries either as individual or as a Group containing at least one BCS member, whether in the UK and Overseas.

The Specialist Group thanks all the speakers, especially Richard Lanyon-Hogg, Bob Crooks, John Booth, and Aldous Rees, also to thank the University of Bedford and Southampton Solent University for their sponsorship of joint events

The GreenIT SG Committee held two Face to face meetings, and sustained a regular weekly committee telephone conference call

The Specialist Group would be delighted to hear from any organisations, branches or other SGs that would be  interested in joint events and/or sponsoring meetings.

We set ourselves three themes for 2015 and have made some progress on each

  • Education (led by Colin Pattinson)
    • Statement of intent agreed
    • Discussions underway with BCS L&D lead to develop new products
    • What would Members see as helpful ?
  • Internet of Things (led by Richard Lanyon-Hogg)
    • Set of demonstrators developed and presented and a video planned
    • Presentation on Fish tracker technologies
  • Energy (led by John Booth)
    • Work on standards committees, webinar
    • Have set up SustainabilTy For London (SFL) 

For the future, we must improve engagement of members in our work, and conduct a survey seeking seeking member views and inputs... do we

  • Continue with the themes ?
  • Continue with programme of successful Webinars? If so what subjects?
  • Develop  more information and guidance, if so on what?
  • Revive communications  to provide a coherent, timely and relevant web presence, repository and gateway between BCS and the outside world on Green IT

We are seeking Closer engagement with BCS L&D (Chris Fraklin) in taking forward our Education and training theme and will continue to create and sustain partnerships with Industry, Academia, and other SGs

The Chair thanked the officers who have supported  the Committee so well throughout the year - John Booth (Vice Chair), Margaret Ross (Secretary) and Denise Oram (Treasurer) Also the committee for all their work and commitment in developing and promoting the SG and the Green ICT agenda, especially Richard Lanyon-Hogg for the IoT demonstrators,

Colin Pattinson for pushing on with the Education theme and  John Booth for his work on the International Standards committees and with CEEDA and the Data Centre Code of Conduct

Special thanks to Kerry Wear and the BCS Members Group team at Swindon and the BCS HQ London staff for their help and support in accommodating our work!

Bob Crooks (Chairman, GreenIT SG