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Having individuals in the industry who value the importance of owning their profession and who support those trying to develop within their profession is critical to its success. Perhaps you are one of those individuals. 

Have you ever considered a role that makes use of your skills, experience and knowledge? If so, then you may be interested in becoming an Approved BCS assessor. This role requires a minimum commitment of 2-4 hours per month.

Recognition & Consultation

BCS operates an ongoing assessor recognition programme based on your level of contribution and proactive approach to the role. Assessor logos recognise your status as an Approved BCS Assessor. Also, our assessors are invited to consultation sessions and workshops to discuss continuous improvements and share best practise methods.

The value of being a BCS assessor

Here are some of the reasons our existing assessors value their volunteer role; it’s a means by which to give back to the IT profession; a great way to network with like-minded individuals and to further their IT knowledge.

'About one and a half years ago, when I was first introduced to the possibility of volunteering myself as an assessor for the BCS, I was really very hesitant about the idea initially. I had been a member of BCS for more than 10 years then, but being an overseas member there was really very limited opportunity to get myself involved in the society and I guess being an assessor was probably a great option. After some careful thinking, I finally volunteered and was subsequently accepted as an assessor. This decision is probably one of the best I have made in my professional career and I am really enjoying every moment of it, though initially there were some minor issues in understanding the whole assessment process.'

'Every assessment is a new experience and having the opportunity to interview global applicants really broadens my understanding of IT and of how IT can be applied in so many different ways in our environment to improve our lives and living conditions. I would definitely recommend anyone who has a real keen interest in IT and who wishes to progress even further in IT to be a BCS assessor - I am very confident this will not be a decision which you will regret later.'

'I find being a CITP assessor both an insightful and rewarding experience. I have met many interesting applicants and have learned much from their shared knowledge and wisdom. I have integrated many of the learnings the role has provided me with my professional activities as a consultant, and actively encourage others to do the same.'

Simon Roller FBCS CITP
'Being an assessor for the past few years has been a great opportunity to meet, and learn from others who I'm unlikely to have met otherwise.'


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Making IT good for society

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There are two areas in which I greatly benefit from my assessor role. The first is my skill in interviewing people. The second is in the breadth of IT projects that I am now exposed to.
Chartered Assessor, Christopher Marsh MBCS CITP