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  • Big Ben
    Social mobility is one of the preeminent challenges of our time. Very few of us would argue that people should not be allowed to go as far as their ability can take them but yet, a failure to address social mobility does just that. For many people, the barriers to success are built to an impossible scale and moving on up to a higher social standing is not based wholly on ability or determination, but through being born in a certain family in a certain location.
  • Pervez Ibrahim explains why business process management (BPM) should be the ‘heartbeat of your enterprise’.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    John Wanamaker’s quote: ‘half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half’ is one of the most well-known business quotes of all time. Is it true? Talking over with friends and colleagues in the advertising sector I’ve been given campaigns that have varied from 10% to 90% successful in their opinion. Putting a number on overall rates has been as much a craft as a science.

Latest videos

  • Cecilie Waagner-Falkenstrom
    Brian Runciman, BCS Head of Content talks to Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom, winner of The Lumen Prize 2017, BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art, about her creation - ‘Frank’, an ARTificial intelligence.
  • Steve Oram (4)
    BCS editor Justin Richards speaks to author Stephen Oram about his recent collection of short science fiction stories and how technology has influenced his writing.
  • Professor Andrew Blake
    Professor Andrew Blake is an engineer whose innovative work on image analysis has helped make it possible for computers to react to the world around them.

Latest articles

  • Luis Muñoz-González and Emil C. Lupu, from Imperial College London, explore the vulnerabilities of machine learning algorithms.
  • Alex Bardell and members of the BCS Green IT Specialist Group explore and explain the sustainable technologies that will make tomorrow’s smart cities pleasant places to live.
  • James Moos MBCS, Technical Security Group Lead at C3IA Solutions, suggests that while we can blame a lot of cyber security ills on people, perhaps many security issues might be easily solved by ‘patching’ the human operating system.
  • John Reid, Chair of the BCS Fortran Group and former convener of the ISO Fortran Committee, explains that, like BCS, Fortran is alive and kicking despite being 60 years old.