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  • Brian Runciman
    When I mentioned I was going to a roundtable discussion about neurodiversity in the workplace – the reaction was mixed, writes BCS’s Claire Penketh.
  • Businesses, particularly those of medium or larger size, have never been under more pressure to evolve through technology-enabled change and have never been at greater threat of disruption, increasingly from unexpected directions.
  • Big Ben
    Theo Knott, Policy Programmes Manager at BCS, analyses the 2018 Budget and its potential impact on the tech industry.

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  • Munish Sharma considers GDPR implementation within the automotive industry and examines…
  • How secure is the data on your smartphone? And are the so-called ‘private’ apps really as secure as they claim to be? Olivier Plante, CEO of Fleksy Keyboard explores how your personal data can escape your device.
  • Gary Spokes, CISSP, MBCS, Director of Privacy and Info Security at Korn Ferry offers nine key areas that your organisation should be knowledgeable about, relating to data and privacy.
  • Robert Brady MBCS, senior consultant at Capgemini, considers the cyber risks posed by sideloading in a popular mobile video game.