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  • Data Storage
    Luis Muñoz-González and Emil C. Lupu, from Imperial College London, explore the vulnerabilities of machine learning algorithms.
  • Green Living
    Alex Bardell and members of the BCS Green IT Specialist Group explore and explain the sustainable technologies that will make tomorrow’s smart cities pleasant places to live.
  • Woman Using Computer
    John Reid, Chair of the BCS Fortran Group and former convener of the ISO Fortran Committee, explains that, like BCS, Fortran is alive and kicking despite being 60 years old.
  • Car On Mountain Road
    Chris Yapp FBCS reflects on the uneven history of artificial intelligence, and looks ahead with ever-hopeful eyes.
  • Man Rockclimbing
    Max Jamilly, a PhD student at the University of Oxford, Fintan Nagle, a cognitive neuroscientist at UCL, and Charles Ross, Chairman of the Brain Mind Forum, discuss a new era of human and machine symbiosis for artificial intelligence.

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