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  • Coins
    Starting with Satoshi’s famous essay, Anthony G. Parker MBCS explores what blockchain and cryptocurrencies may mean for the future of money and wealth.
  • Girl Gamer
    Robert Brady MBCS, senior consultant at Capgemini, considers the cyber risks posed by sideloading in a popular mobile video game.
  • Woman Wearing Virtual Reality Headset
    Paul Jagger FBCS asks: whatever happened to virtual reality learning platforms, and is a second life being given to Second Life?
  • Bamboo Plant
    Chen Mao Davies has experience at the confluence of many strands relevant to BCS: she has a PhD in computer graphics; she is a tech-entrepreneur; and her developing business is one with a demonstrable social benefit.
  • Hands Holding Mobile Phones
    Iakov Fedoseenko MBCS, Technology Strategy & Architecture Consultant at Arup Digital, explores the business outcomes that cloud technologies can bring to the industry.
  • Patient Charts
    Digital patient records may be one of the NHS’s current focuses but members of an influential project, dating back nearly 50 years, show that technology and medical case histories have been long-term bedfellows.
  • Young Asian Woman Using Mobile Phone
    Martin Cooper MBCS RITTech talks to leading telephony experts and explores what a fifth-generation mobile network will mean for consumers, businesses and for robots.
  • IT Professional Using PC And Phone
    Jude Umeh MBCS follows up his previous article about blockchain and Bitcoin and looks further at this enabling technology and considers a world beyond Bitcoin.
  • Smart Electronic Device On Table
    Peter Hopton explores the physics and the factors that are slowing internet access today and presents a vision of a high speed, low power and low latency future.
  • Young Man Playing Arcade Game
    Ian Hughes, Senior IoT Analyst at 451 Research and Chair BCS Animation and Games SG, stops playing Fortnite and asks what 5G might mean for the future of interactive entertainment.