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  • Internet of things (IoT) is an intermediate term used to refer to the interconnection of physical components with the ability to connect and exchange data, without human interaction, due to the integration of software and electronic components. Examples of these components include home appliances, vehicles, and computing devices.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara MBCS examines the acronyms SDN and NFV, explains what they do and the differences between the two.
  • Keith Oborn MBCS questions whether enough is being done to ensure that suitable standards and the right levels of professionalism are being adhered to throughout the IT industry.
  • In his many years working as a consultant, Pervez Ibahim, Senior SAP Consultant Owner, SAPHandyManServices at WestwardGlobal, has experienced how organisations often suffer from the lack of a central repository of their business process knowledge. Here he contemplates the ‘forgotten folder’ phenomena, every organisation’s nightmare.
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    With the Government’s response to its Internet Safety Strategy drawing heavily from some recent BCS work, Policy and Parliamentary Officer Theo Knott explains how the organisation is impacting public policy.
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    Social mobility is one of the preeminent challenges of our time. Very few of us would argue that people should not be allowed to go as far as their ability can take them but yet, a failure to address social mobility does just that. For many people, the barriers to success are built to an impossible scale and moving on up to a higher social standing is not based wholly on ability or determination, but through being born in a certain family in a certain location.
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    In 2001, Paul Sheridan MBCS CITP won a channel alliance partnership with the world leaders in automated technical performance evaluation. His current interest lies in the modernisation of IT practice.
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    Amid growing concerns around just how responsible the digital technologies we use every day really are, Conservative MP Lee Rowley explains why a new cross-party Commission with BCS and Oxford University is needed to ensure ethical practices in technology development are assured.
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    When at BCS we started thinking about how the digital world was impacting on politics, it was relatively low-key. We were considering how a public-interest group of digital professionals should interact with the world, and thought we should take an interest in what mattered to wider civil society. We did not imagine it would take us into such a central issue for the future of politics.
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    Technology is by its very nature a forward-looking sector. The white heat of new inventions and innovations that transform, again and again, the way in which we live our lives. Working in a sector that is at the forefront of human progress is a privilege.