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  • When the new Computing Curriculum came into effect in 2014, it was a much-needed revision. While the ICT Curriculum contained plenty of practical skills, much of it was also very outdated. But the challenge was not small - if ICT was like learning to drive a car, the new Computing Curriculum was akin to learning how to build one!
  • Thinking of changing your career and have an interest in computing? Or just want to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists?
  • Paul German and Matt Hunt
    As Headteacher at Wyvern College secondary school for boys, I am reminded daily what immense privilege I have in educating other people’s children. My first priority is to equip our boys with the skills and tools they need to prosper in the future.
  • The Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) is a national community of professional practice. This community is a partnership between schools, universities, IT employers and professional bodies. It is run by the Computing At School group (CAS), which itself if part of BCS. Thanks to funding from the Department for Education (DfE) the NoE now has ten university partners coordinating regional activity for the NoE.
  • People Looking At Screen
    Further education colleges are a great source of digital learning so how can they help students prepare for work in the digital age?
  • People Looking At Screen
    It wasn’t so long ago that the UK's Further Education (FE) colleges came in for a bit of stick following a House of Lords report into the UK’s digital future.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    'This house believes that academic education will never satisfy the skills needs of the IT profession' was the title of last week’s Oxford Union style debate.
  • Jooli Atkins Blog Avatar
    In the final part of a series of joint posts Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP and Susanna Way MBCS look back at their overview of the Kotter eight step process of successful change and ask: what have we learned...and what more can we learn?
  • Jooli Atkins Blog Avatar
    In the eighth of a series of joint posts Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP and Susanna Way MBCS look at the Kotter eight step process of successful change. Step 8: Make it stick.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    Much work has happened over the last few years to try to get a handle on the school curriculum for computing, computer science and ICT. It is still amazing to me how hard it is to get a consensus on what the basic skills are that everyone should have and the specialist skills that are needed in various disciplines.