Articles from Volume 4, Number 4

  • Sheila Bullas, Editorial Board Leader, HINOW, provides a glimpse of what’s in store for this issue.
  • HC2010 took place at the end of April at a time of considerable uncertainty. The imminent general election and the undoubted upcoming period of financial restraint made the discussions and networking all the more important. John Bryant, Sheila Bullas and Jean Roberts report.
  • Brian Davies, Professor of Medical Robotics, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, recently gave a talk on robotic surgery for BCS Health Northern. Phil Paterson reports.
  • Inspired and intrigued by a recent health informaticians’ debate, Amit Bhagwat, CEO of Beam SRC and a strategy-architecture-governance consultant, delves into facets of information governance including those that are commonly understood, misunderstood and routinely missed in the health sector.
  • The NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model (NIMM) is a comprehensive approach to improving IT infrastructure by benchmarking and managing performance. Andy Savvides, Principal Consultant at Atos Consulting, provides some background to this useful maturity model and contextualised insight.
  • The news that the Scottish Centre for Telehealth (SCT) has joined NHS 24 - the largest nurse-led telehealth service in Scotland - was welcomed by the SCT Paediatric Telemedicine nursing team. Sharon Levy, a new executive member of the BCS Health Nursing Specialist Group, provides an overview of the specialist arena.
  • In ehealth, as in all areas of healthcare policy today, patient involvement is key to developing meaningful and sustainable policy. Putting patients at the heart of EU healthcare policy is essential.
  • Reader in General Practice and Informatics and GP Simon de Lusignan, University of London, explains what his goals and aspirations are as the current BCS Health - European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) representative.
  • HINOW diary of events.