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  • Patient Charts
    Digital patient records may be one of the NHS’s current focuses but members of an influential project, dating back nearly 50 years, show that technology and medical case histories have been long-term bedfellows.
  • Man Checking Wearable Device
    Professor Jo Smedley, from the University of South Wales, UK, provides some thoughts on preparing for successful online working.
  • Doctor using Laptop
    Harold Thimbleby, See Change Digital Health Fellow at Swansea University, takes a look at computer error in the health sector, and considers the challenges faced in ensuring a change for the better.
  • Person Inside CT Scanner
    With increases in data size and the richness of available data, machine learning (ML) has seen a resurrection of interest in recent years.
  • IT In Theatre
    James Freed, Chief Information Officer at Health Education England, tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about Building a Digital Ready Workforce - a digital transformation programme with people, not technology, at its centre.