BCS Health Executive Election 2016

About BCS Health and Care

The BCS Health and Care Executive reports to the Institute’s Membership Board. BCS Health and care provides a focus on the health sector both from a policy perspective and as a community.

Members of the Health and Care executive contribute to and provide leadership within the BCS public policy development around health, and engagement with the wider health and care community.

BCS must combine both health and social care; a convergence that is in relatively early stages and critical to the future success of the nation’s care and health. BCS is also part of a group setting up a collaboration in Health & Social Care known as ‘Fed-IP’. This represents a strategic opportunity that needs to be seized to bring together the clinical and non-clinical communities in health and care informatics.

Health Executive Election 2016

Nomination form

All nominations must be submitted to groups@hq.bcs.org.uk by 12.00 on 12 September 2016.

Nominators and Voters must be a member of 1BCS Health and have a BCS Professional Membership by 12 September 2016 in order for their nomination or vote to be considered.

1BCS Health Member is defined as a an individual who has expressed an interest in Health Informatics through selecting BCS Health via the list of Specialist Group Memberships and / or are a member of a BCS Health Specialist or Regional Group.