Twenty:13 - Enhance your IT strategy

The latest edition of this prestigious BCS annual publication is now available online.

Twenty: 13 is aimed at CEO and CIO level professionals who are interested in enhancing their organisation's IT strategies and improving the way in which their businesses function.

Following a foreword by our current BCS President, Professor Roger Marshall, are over 50 articles written by a range of industry experts on a vast array of topics including cloud & data management, green IT, communications, strategy, learning and development, security, application development, project management and service management.

Twenty: 13 is a publication for all IT professionals, and it also contains articles for members of the public with a general interest in business - IT interaction.

You can view individual articles from Twenty:13. These are available in pdf format and can be accessed via 'Articles' in the left hand menu.

Enhance your IT strategy 2013