Digital literacy and employability

Employers increasingly require validation of digital literacy skills and employability can depend on it.

What do employers want from their employees?

According to our recent survey of HR professionals and employers, 90% rate operating a digital device as important to the majority of roles in their organisation. Today almost every job relies on some aspect of technology: whether it’s sitting at a PC in an office, working at a checkout or delivering parcels.

Employers want people to have the skills to be productive straight away in a new role and believe digital skills improve employee efficiency and increase business productivity.

Why is digital literacy important to employers and employees?

Key findings in our survey showed that:

  • 81% of employers regard digital skills to be an important requirement when employing people
  • 97% felt email skills are important to the majority of roles in their organisation, along with:
    • Word processing (92%)
    • Spreadsheets (89%)
    • Social media (71%)
  • 68% rated increased efficiency as one of the top two benefits of digital literacy for employees.

What digital skills are important in employment today?
Tina George, Sureline Communications



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