Latest Brexit articles

Brexit IT: Dealing with divorce
Ian Rowlands MBCS looks into the regulatory impact of Brexit on data management and finds some painful truths and some sources of hope along the way.

Brexit as catalyst
October 2016 saw BCS running its latest IT Impact event ‘Shining the light on post-Brexit Britain’. It emerged that, if anything, the opportunities and issues which have arisen from the recent vote to leave the European Union are those the UK should be addressing anyway. Brian Runciman MBCS reports.

BCS on digital Brexit - get involved
Personal and political views on Brexit aside, the task for BCS is to understand how to plan for a successful digital future outside the EU. David Evans, BCS Director of Policy and Communities, presents some thoughts on what the BCS community could do, and how you can get involved in the conversation.

Managing IP in a changing world
Jude Umeh MBCS considers how technology entrepreneurs and start-ups should best approach the difficult task of balancing IP protection vs. commercialisation considerations in the dynamic, financial and geo-political landscape of today.


Watch Mark Goyder in conversation with our IT Impact host David McClelland about Brexit and some of the themes we will be discussing ahead of the event.