Additional benefits

Codio support

Codio, the cloud-based coding and course content platform for teaching computer science in schools and universities, is now supporting the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.

Teachers enrolled in the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching can enjoy a free licence to Codio’s platform.

You can benefit by using Codio to support your pursuit of the BCS Certificate in several ways:

  • Codio's platform includes a range of professional development courses – that contain built in challenges with automatic feedback giving you support at each step of the learning journey.
  • Your free Codio licence is ideal for the programming project because the licence offers unlimited project workspace (virtual servers for storage and processing) and the platform comes packed with pre-configured software stacks (complete with all the languages, frameworks, databases and other components).
  • We have created a BCS-Certificate organisation in Codio which you will join through a bespoke sign up journey created by Codio for BCS Certificate teachers. Your e-assessor will also be a member of the BCS-Certificate organisation.
  • You can share access to projects with members of your organisation. For the programming project, you can grant your e-assessor access to your project which will facilitate easy and direct feedback, e.g. annotated comments inside your code that can be used for a feedback session.

If you decide to enrol and pursue the certificate - once enrolled, you will receive email notification of the URL you can use to sign up to Codio where you will be auto-assigned to the BCS-Certificate organisation - and can begin using your free Codio licence.

Recently CAS National Academic Coordinator, Sue Sentance, participated in Codio’s “Ask the Experts” video series along with e-assessors Ghita Kouadri Mostefaoui and Fintan Culwin – look to find out more about the BCS Certificate and Codio’s support.

BCS Membership

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT logoBCS are very keen to continue to support teachers of Computing and are offering one year’s free membership of BCS as an Associate Member to all teachers who have completed the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.

Once you have passed the BCS Certificate, the Certificate team will pass your name on to the BCS Membership team who will arrange for you to take advantage of this offer.