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This guide will provide you with information to help support you through your RITTech application.

Are you ready for the RITTech online assessment?

Are you currently working in IT in a technical role? BCS has designed RITTech for people who are working in technical roles across the digital platform. So as long as you have a hands on, technical role this could be for you.

The online assessment covers different IT roles that span the whole digital industry; from business analysis, digital marketing, IT service desk to infrastructure, software and network support.

Technical competences covered - business analysis, cyber intrusion analysis, database, digital marketing, digital media technology, infrastructure architecture, infrastructure support, IT support (generalist), network engineering, project / programme support, security analysis, service delivery, service deployment, service desk / client support, software development, software testing, systems engineering, systems integration and user experience.

RITTech is all about helping you to stand out and be recognised for the way you do your job. It sets you apart in the industry.

To apply

All candidates who are not part of an organisational membership scheme can start the application process immediately but if you are applying via your organisational scheme you'll need your RITTech voucher code to apply for your RITTech registration.

For organisational membership - your coordinator or bcsmemberschemes@bcs.uk will be able to provide you with a voucher code for your application. Organisational members must be signed up and accepted for BCS membership before starting your RITTech journey, and please note that your membership will not be activated until approved by your coordinator.

The online application gives us evidence of meeting the RITTech standard in three sections.

  • Multiple choice questions covering your business skills in a technical environment
  • Multiple choice questions covering your technical expertise in your chosen field
  • Free-form text statements evidencing your technical competence and capability

In all sections, be honest but do not underplay your skills and value and consider the thrust of the question rather than get bogged down by specific words. We need you to tell us what you do and how you do it.

Before starting, we suggest that you might want to prepare answers to the following free-text questions (which form the final section of the application):

  1. Describe three things that have made you proud and which demonstrate your skills
  2. Describe a piece of work requiring use of your technical skills and what you’ve learnt from it
  3. Give an example of how you have personally made a difference within a team delivery project

Be aware in this section we need to see brief PERSONAL evidence for each answer, with technical examples, to support your multiple-choice responses and illustrate how you perform in your technical role. Be honest, but do not sell yourself short - evidence to us that you have the right professional attitude. Document your evidence as ‘I’ not ‘we’. Space is limited to 1,000 characters per question, so be clear and concise.

To help you compile concise and focused evidence for each section of your application, we recommend using the STAR technique – a well-used and respected approach to delivering and assessing evidence of competence:

Define the general context (e.g. who / what / when / why) and background leading to the task

Identify the key objective and issue that you have addressed

Describe the action you took or initiated, emphasising the skills you used to complete it

Summarise the outcome in business terms

Your supporter

You will also be asked to provide information about a supporter who can back up what you say and verify your consistent technical capability

  • This should be your line manager, department head, team leader or person in authority who has first-hand and recent experience of your work and technical ability. In the case of organisations this can be your designated organisational coordinator.
  • Your supporter cannot be a relative, a friend, a colleague (unless in authority) or someone who does not have direct, extended and recent experience of your technical work (by recent we mean within the last three years).
  • You’ll need to provide their email address and contact details.
  • You should speak to your supporter in advance to confirm they are happy to support your application and that their details will be held with BCS only for the purposes of RITTech assessment and quality control.
  • When you submit your application, your supporter needs to approve (or decline) before any further assessment action is taken at BCS.

Be aware that if your supporter declines your online application there will be a three month wait before you can reapply for RITTech, so it is well worth speaking to them first.

If your application is declined at this time, you can give feedback and receive guidance for your re-application by emailing rittech@bcs.uk

Following supporter approval

Once your supporter’s approval is submitted, your RITTech application is scrutinised by BCS to ensure everything checks out and you’ve met all our requirements to demonstrate you deserve RITTech letters after your name. You should normally hear from us within 10 working days of your supporter confirming approval of your application. If additional information is required during our assessment, this will obviously take longer so please do your best to give us all the information we need first time.

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