Danny Lowry Advanced RITTech MBCS

Danny Lowry Advanced RITTech MBCS, explains why he applied for the professional registration.

Danny is a lead business analyst working as part of the Application Development service in Enterprise Digital Development (EDD) at the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS). EDD sits within Digital Shared Services (DSS) and provides an in-house digital, data and technology capability for the development and support of bespoke digital services.

What is RITTech?

RITTech is the professional registration for IT technicians, an independent public register for the people who work in IT and digital. RITTech sets the industry standard for technical skills and conduct, recognising and validating your competence in just seven letters. I first achieved RITTech status in February 2019.


What is Advanced RITTech?

Advanced RITTech was launched by BCS in January 2023 and is step up from the standard level RITTech registration. 

As a BCS member I was eligible to apply for the Advanced RITTech professional registration. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to the IT profession, and can be considered a ‘rising star’ within the industry. An Advanced Registered IT Technician exercises autonomy with clear accountability and responsibilities while performing a range of complex work activities. This is done while applying technical knowledge and skills in an IT work environment, competently and professionally. Advanced Registered IT Technicians can take pride in joining the IT profession and being independently recognised for doing their technical job to a high standard and for their range of experience.

I became one of the very first people to be awarded Advanced Professional Registration of IT Technician (RITTech) status, in March 2023 and was added to the Register of IT Technicians.


What was the application process?

When applying to become an Advanced RITTech professional you will be asked to supply a written application detailing your experience against the Advanced RITTech criteria, as well as details of a supporter that can verify your experience. My line manager agreed to support my application.

When I submitted my application I was quite fortunate as I was not long off the back of having applied for a number of promotion positions. Because of this, I already had a lot of competency-based detail relating to my job role documented and was able to draw from this as a starting point. I was then able to revise that, carefully tailoring the detail to meet the criteria required. But if you are less confident on the specifics required, there are also RITTech workshops available where you can get tips and advice regarding your application.


What would you say to other ICT staff about applying for membership of BCS and gaining registrations?

In my own experience it has definitely felt worthwhile. Attending various courses with people from a wide variety of different work areas was a good experience and helped give me different perspectives. Preparation for the oral exam for the International Diploma in Business Analysis in particular was hard work and stressful at times; but it was certainly worth it in the end. Having various professional IT accreditations from a recognised body is always valuable, both individually and for your work area. It has also been beneficial to me in that it has undoubtedly been a contributory factor in my continued career progression and personal development.

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What our members say

BCS has provided me with SFIAplus, a development tool I used during my early career goals. The access to webinars and local events has been invaluable.

Jag Sohal MBCS

I feel it puts me in a positive position to progress in my digital career and it feels nice to be on a register amongst other IT professionals.

Ronni Murray RITTech

The role that BCS plays in providing informed advice and influence into Government and legislation, and creating a template for young people to enter the sector and prosper is invaluable.

Stuart Muckley MBCS

BCS offers several membership levels through to Chartered status and I have found being a professional member to be invaluable throughout my IT career.

Hollie Whittles MBCS