Structure of BCS

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BCS is an international organisation that relies on a combination of volunteers and paid employees to operate on a daily basis.

At the very highest level, a group of elected officials is responsible for the Institute's annual direction and strategy.

BCS is governed by its Trustee Board, which is in turn elected by the BCS Council, a representative body of our membership.

The Trustee Board and Council are responsible for a number of member bodies, including strategic boards, each of which is headed by an elected Vice-President and Nominations Committee, which is chaired by the Immediate past President and Registration and Standards Committee which is Chaired by a member of the Institute appointed by Trustee Board.


The day-to-day management and administration of BCS as a whole is carried out by employees based in our Swindon and London offices. Approximately 250 staff at the Swindon office and around 20 in London make up a diverse range of departments, including Publishing, Marketing, Events, Membership, and Qualifications.

BCS Learning & Development Ltd

During late summer of 2012, BCS underwent a significant re-organisation of our internal structure. Previously, all activities had been operated as business units within the Institute; this structure has many advantages for the operation of its 'membership and society at large' charitable activities and has served BCS well for many years.

However, as the Institute continues to grow and matures as an organisation there were numerous limitations and constraints placed on the efficiency and performance of its other charitable 'qualifications products business.' This latter activity of the Institute performs alongside traditional commercial competitors and is required to operate in a more responsive and different 'businesslike' culture within a more common legal framework readily recognised by both international markets and in relationships with third parties.

As a result, the qualifications product and publications business was transferred to BCS Learning & Development Limited (BCS L&D) - formerly the trading subsidiary of BCS known as BISL. BCS L&D remains a company 100% owned by the Institute, but it is structured and operated as an independent business under the management control of its own Managing Director and Board.

Member Groups

BCS is heavily dependent on its volunteers. The activities and events of our huge network of local branches and international sections are co-ordinated by the respective group's volunteer committee.

Members of BCS can affiliate themselves with up to three branches or sections, and once affiliated can choose to simply enjoy the personal and career development opportunities on offer in the area, or to volunteer for committee posts to influence at a higher level. Committee members plan events programmes, manage the group's website, handle accounts and more.

We also have more than 50 BCS Specialist Groups, which offer a unique insight into the broad range of topics and activities available to today's IT professional. Groups are either free to BCS members, or have discounted membership rates and event attendance fees.

AGM and Council Elections

The BCS AGM 2018 took place on Wednesday 14 March in London.