Articles from Volume 1, Number 1

  • Chair of the Health Informatics Forum, Glyn Hayes, gives a foreword to the new Health Informatics Now, the newsletter of the BCS health informatics community.
  • Tell others about your experiences at the Healthcare Computing Conference 2007.
  • The phenomenon of involuntary automaticity in the health industry is explained by Brian Toft.
  • Jean Roberts outlines the consultation process for when BCSHIF is asked to make a response to published policy documents or wishes to initiate a viewpoint on important topics.
  • BCS hosted a one-day conference, ProfIT 2006, in London on 8 May, covering the Professionalism of IT programme.
  • The University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust was an early adopter of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) in a teaching hospital trust. Andrew Haw, director of ICT at the trust and chair of ASSIST, describes some aspects of the implementation project, paying particular regard to reusable lessons for others.
  • The Information Centre holds data that is as diverse as the people who use NHS and social care services, and making this information accessible to a wide range of audiences is both one of its priorities.
  • The Interactive Care Specialist Group is the most recently formed in BCS health informatics 30 members. The group's chairman Keith Clough explains what interactive care is and describes the group's aims.
  • Staff need to know how to use new products so that they meet business requirements, according to Kevin Jarrold, the regional implementation director of CfH London Cluster. This article covers the speech he gave to London and South East Specialist Group is below, preceded by a piece by the group's president.
  • Colin Jervis of Kinetic Consulting gave a presentation to the London and South East Specialist Group about the benefits of RFID.
  • News from the London and South Specialist Group
  • Members of the Nursing Specialist Group report on the NI2006 conference.
  • Words from the chair of the Nursing Specialist Group, Richard Hayward.
  • A joint response to the National Audit Office report on The National Programme for IT in the NHS by the Nursing Specialist Group and the Royal College of Nursing
  • Rod Ward, the Nursing Specialist Group's webspinner, encourages you to help improve the coverage of the NHS and UK healthcare issues on Wikipedia.
  • Simon Dodds's own abstract on 'designing improved healthcare processes: discrete event simulation' is followed by a digest of his presentation at a Northern Group meeting.
  • Quality information online on cancer and palliative care is in plentiful supply but it can be a challenge to find it quickly and easily. To help get round this problem, a directory of services and information has been set up for interested parties in the Argyll and Clyde area.
  • Diary of BCS health informatics events

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