Pervez Ibrahim, an IT practitioner since 1977 and SAP software consultant since 1988, overviews the inter-connected world and encourages others to get involved and to update their digital skills.

The internet has changed the dynamics of information technology; almost everyone now has some kind of access to the internet. Today, organisations want to connect directly with their consumers and are enhancing their systems to provide services on mobile devices.

New database systems are introduced to cater for information collected from many sources (internet, mobile devices, external systems, IOT). Software systems are enhanced to support internet-based applications, such as mobile apps.

Organisations are extending their information systems to connect with their consumers directly. Below are some examples of different industries enhancing their information systems with the new technologies.

Food producers are digitising their products from seeds to growers, to harvesting and storage, and to distribution and consumption. As technology improves, it has become possible to provide fresh produce year-round.

The digital technologies are creating significant opportunities for the food industry and are helping to create a complete ecosystem that is entirely transparent to all the partners involved. Today business can link processes from field-to-fork.

The aerospace industry is digitising components and parts of an airplane from the time of manufacturing until it reaches the end of life. The airlines use the internet to support pre-travel (online, reservations, online check-in, validation, baggage and security, airport services, lounges, boarding, in-the-air food and beverage, shopping, immigration and arrivals).

Timber growers are enhancing their information systems to include processes involving forestry to sawing, transportation and manufacturing of furniture until discarded. Today’s timber growers are better informed and can plan better for plant, nursery, field and harvesting operations.

The pharmaceutical producers are improving their software to trace their drug from the time of planning, production, packing, and distribution until consumed. The digitisation of medicine is transforming the entire pharmaceutical industry. New technologies, like mobile apps, are evolving to play a more significant role in future patient care.

The automobile industry is enhancing its information systems to include closed-loop supply chain, where the reusable parts are returned to the manufacturers for reuse.

Digitisation is changing the way social media and mobile technology is transforming marketing, sales, and services. The in-vehicle digital technologies are also quickly redefining the after-sales market.

Today’s new systems also support technological advances such as big data, the internet of things (IoT) and mobile business networks, so that the workforce can make decisions on the go. Organisations are demanding new expertise, and it is time to enhance your know-how. Industries and organisations are rethinking their business processes and reorganising to cater for the new information revolution.

Cloud computing involves providing computer services over the internet and shared resources for computing rather than local servers or devices for handling applications.

It is internet-based computing and includes strategies such as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Also referred to as ‘the cloud’, is the delivery of on-demand computing resources. It is the process of using a network, files, and applications through remote servers hosted on external storage, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Today, organisations are demanding new expertise and acquiring free (or at least cheaply purchased) knowledge could not be any easier. For example, there are plenty of free training courses available online, while others are available at very affordable fees. Why not check out the internet and explore the myriad of opportunities available to you. It’s time to be a watchmaker, not just a time teller...