An investigation into the reliability and security of Apple products has found a number of flaws.

Independent researchers have discovered a series of vulnerabilities, some of which have been made public, following the launch of the Month of Apple Bugs ( MoAB) investigation at the start of January.

Originally intended to raise awareness of security flaws in Apple products MoAB follows two similar investigations into other companies' products last year.

So far, ten unique flaws have been made public but researchers maintain that there are significantly more notable vulnerabilities. Researcher Kevin Finisterre asserts that Apple users should be aware of security issues.

"[Apple's] creating commercials claiming to be secure and the user base feels like they are wearing a suit of armour," he said, continuing to state that the reality is that "there's no lack of bugs on OSX from both an application and platform standpoint.

Mr Finisterre claims that many developers are misusing functions in Apple programmes, thus resulting in exploitable situations.

Earlier this month open source developer Landon Fuller announced that he would create or source a security patch for every bug found in MoAB.