Bloor Research has released an exciting paper on Data Migration vindicating all we have been saying in this blog over the last couple of months.

Starting with the assertion that "In our view, data migration has historically been under-valued, under-resourced and not treated with the respect it deserves", the fantastic new white paper from Bloor Research's goes on to explore:

  • The reasons why Data Migration should be seen as a discipline in it's own right
  • Why it has been historically neglected
  • What goes wrong when it is neglected
  • The marketplace and the new tools that are emerging

And it's all backed up with solid research. So if you want to understand the problem domain or find a vindication for establishing a data migration centre of excellence in your organisation or understand the current state of the market for data migration and date migration tools - this should be your starting point.

This is, to my knowledge, the first white paper of its kind in the UK devoted to data migration and written by an independent industry analyst of note. So read it! And tell anyone else interested in Data Migration about it!

And you can quiz the author about it at our Data Migration Panel event at the BCS London Headquarters on 29th November when Philip Howard of Bloor Research will be one of our panel speakers.

About the author

John Morris has over 20 years experience in IT as a programmer, business analyst, project manager and data architect. He has spent the last 10 years working exclusively on data migration and system integration projects. John is the author of Practical Data Migration.