In the final part of a series of joint posts Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP and Susanna Way MBCS look back at their overview of the Kotter eight step process of successful change and ask: what have we learned...and what more can we learn?

Just as a re-cap we have covered the following steps:

Of course, these steps are only one model for implementing successful IT-enabled business change and this article can provide only a brief outline of what is a very large subject. But engaging L&D and communications professionals should be at the heart of your implementation plans, whatever approach you take.

If you are interested in finding out more about other change models look at Lewin's Change Management Model, McKinsey 7-S Model, and the 5 P's Model of Pryor, White and Toombs.

More information on the Kotter 8 step process of successful change

About the authors

Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP is Chair of The BCS Learning and Development Specialist Group - the only professional body solely dedicated to supporting L&D professionals working in IT.

Susanna Way MBCS CITP is also a member of the BCS Learning and Development Specialist Group and has a special interest in extending our online presence and engaging more closely with our members.