Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks to BCS

November 2009

In an exclusive interview with the Institute, Sir Tim Berners-Lee spoke about the latest on the semantic web, his view on the advent of artificial life forms on the internet, the biggest barriers to enabling the information society for all, where the mobile web is going and more. This interview also appears in the ebook Leaders in Computing.

Read a transcript of this interview

As well as being Professor at MIT and Southampton Universities, Sir Tim is also heavily involved with a number of organisations including the World Wide Web Consortium of which he is a director, the Web Science Trust, and the World Wide Web Foundation.


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  • 1
    Brian's web developer friend wrote on 30th Nov 2009

    A thinly veiled rebuke to Apple's App Store model was the highlight. I couldn't agree more with him on that front.

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  • 2
    Jon Veal wrote on 1st Dec 2009

    Good interview but would have liked to have had the availability of an audio only option to save on bandwidth.

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  • 3
    Colin wrote on 2nd Dec 2009

    Agree above. Would have preferred a text transcript option as well - it's easier to scan through a transcript when you are on screen. Than quickly play through recording.

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  • 4
    Al wrote on 2nd Dec 2009

    Great, an article about mobile web from the guy that created web standards, yet I can't read it on my mobile phone (iPhone). Oh the irony! Fail @bcs

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  • 5
    BCS wrote on 2nd Dec 2009

    Hi all - sorry we missed a transcript, we'll sort this out and have one up on this page soon.

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  • 6
    Andy wrote on 3rd Dec 2009

    Please put a link to the transcript in the next round robin mail.

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  • 7
    Shakeel Ahmed wrote on 7th Dec 2009

    A very good interview. Sir Tim is really a visionary scientist..... Thank you Tim.

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  • 8
    Godfrey Zziwa wrote on 4th Jan 2010

    Sir Tim's work is profound. The web has proved to be an asset to many organisations. Thanks.

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  • 9
    Gene Da Rocha wrote on 6th Jan 2010

    Really excellent to hear this interesting and eye opening interview with a master. Technology is moving in so many directions today. Great interview.

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  • 10
    Lilia wrote on 8th Jun 2010

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee sounds like quite an expert. I haven't heard of him before but I think that's because of my lack of culture not his lack of popularity.

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  • 11
    ariel wrote on 20th Feb 2013

    the video is awesome helped me in research

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