Will Yours be a Smart Business in a Smart City?

Date: 1 April 2014

Time: 6.00pm

Venue: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southamtpon Street, London WC2E 7HA | Maps


Come and meet your new CMA Committee at our first meeting of 2014

This event is particularly relevant for everyone interested in Fast Business Broadband and the Digital Economy

The UK Government continues to launch initiatives to promote Future Cities through Awards and Competitions aimed at both the Cities themselves and Broadband Technology Providers. Many of these Cities have inadequate Broadband to support business growth in any case. Meanwhile the current Rural Broadband initiative bypasses businesses and struggles to deliver “SuperFast” Broadband to domestic consumers. With many of their European competitors already getting effective Broadband provision many UK Businesses, particularly Rural SME’s, are faced with either inadequate or expensive options to compete.

This event will look at some of the effects of this on Businesses and Communities and considers other Alternatives.

18:30 - Intelligent Communities and the battle for municipal enterprise.

David Brunnen, Managing Editor of Groupe Intellex.

Before technologists consider emergent opportunities in smart/super-connected cities, local contexts should be understood.

Intelligent Communities need far more than connectivity to deliver local economic health and societal well-being.

In reflecting on this presentation's illustrative local economic model, enterprise community leaders will be better placed to engage beyond their business borders with municipal and societal leaders.

19:00 - Alternatives for Broadband Provision for SMEs Rural and Urban

Malcolm Corbett, Founder and CEO of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association.

This will consider alternatives for provision of competitive Broadband services and some initiatives to consolidate demand and provide rural business parks and enterprise zones with high speed, low cost connectivity.

INCA has members who can build the high speed fibre and wireless networks and will discuss two recently launched initiatives:

1) A joint project with the Federation of Communications Services to connect business parks and enterprise zones to high speed, low cost connectivity. The first project is the Perseverance Works in Shoreditch, 90 SMEs who will soon get fibre.

2) A registration scheme for Superfast Notspots. This will help identify areas where there is demand, particularly in the final 10%. A surprising number of final 10% people are in cities.

19:30 - Panel Discussion and Questions

These thought provoking presentations should provoke some stimulating discussion which will be followed by Networking over Wine and Refreshments.

22:00 Finish - but not before you have told us what you want for future events

Speaker Biographies:

David Brunnen, Managing Editor of Groupe Intellex, has over 50 years experience in the Telecoms industry.

Throughout that time he has championed innovation. He is a director of the Foundation for Information Society Policy, (FISP), founder of the Next Generation Digital Challenge awards programme and co-director of Community Study Tours.

Malcolm Corbett is the founder and CEO of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association linking public, private and community organisations promoting the development of next generation broadband in the UK. INCA brings together over 400 organisations active in the field.

Prior to setting up INCA in 2010, Malcolm ran the Community Broadband Network which he founded in 2004 to support local broadband initiatives through mentoring, advice and consultancy.