Q&A with teacher and sketchnoter, Sylvia Duckworth

Sylvia DuckworthBy Sylvia Duckworth

What do you feel are the most important things teachers need to know about e-safety? 

  1. Anything you post online is permanent, even if you delete it since someone might have made a copy of it.
  2. You never know whom you are really talking to on the internet if you have never met them before.
  3. Personal online accounts online are hackable. Make sure that you have set up the most secure option for all of your accounts, for example my Google account is protected with 2 step verification.
  4. Never use the same password for all of your accounts and find a way to keep track of all of your passwords
  5. Be aware of phishing. Do not ever divulge your bank account information to anyone online, even if they claim to be your bank. Banks do not ask for this information online.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing schools / teachers around e-safety and protecting children and young people?
I think anonymous online bullying is the biggest challenge.

What are the most important skills children need to learn around digital literacy?

  1. Learning to type
  2. How to do a proper Google search and how to verify online information
  3. How to start and maintain a digital portfolio (A record of all work that has been published online)
  4. How to safely and responsibly use social media.
  5. How to establish a blemish-free, digital footprint.

What measures need to be taken to improve digital literacy in the classroom?
Teachers need to be trained on how to teach digital literacy and e-safety.

In the future what are your predictions around digital education?
I predict and I really hope that project-based learning will be the emphasis of digital education in the future: where students have the freedom to pursue projects that are relevant to them and that have a positive social impact. I also predict (and hope) that students will become more aware of and more sensitive to other cultures by engaging online with other people around the world.

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About Sylvia Duckworth
Sylvia is an award-winning teacher who has been teaching for more than 30 years in the public and independent school systems in Canada. She currently teaches Core French at Crescent School in Toronto. Recently, she became interested in sketchnoting and the popularity of her edusketches led to her being named the “Top Influencer for #EdTech” in 2015 on Twitter. Sylvia is considered a leader in technology integration in the FSL teaching community and she has presented at numerous GAFESummit, BringItTogether and OMLTA conferences.

You can find her on Twitter at @sylviaduckworth and her resources at about.me/sylviaduckworth.