Recent activities

Events involving volunteer members of the CMA Committee, representatives and CMA Events. If any member has a topic they wish to be raised at any future Committee meetings or CMA attendance at future events please contact the Chairman CMA.

May 2015

April 2014

November 2013

October 2013

July 2013

June 2013

May 2013

  • 22nd May
    NextGen Partner Event - Digital Scotland

April 2013

  • 18th April
    Visit to BT Research Division at Adastral Park

March 2013

  • 5th March
    CMA Committee Meeting

  • 6th March
    Specialist Members Group Treasurers Briefing
    CMA Chairman attended

  • 6th March
    Meeting with ITSPA to discuss joint activities
    Regulatory Affairs Committee Member

  • 13th March
    PERSPECTIVES FOR MOBILE AND BROADBAND IN THE UK 2020: Discussion with European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes and other prominent speakers, and the launch of Digital Business First, a campaign aimed at putting digital issues at the top of the political agenda. Event hosted by DPA and sponsored by the European Internet Foundation (IEF)
    Chairman and CMA Regulatory Affairs Committee Member Attended

  • 14th March
    UK Government Cyber Security Briefing hosted by BCS: Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Security outlines the UK government's approach to cyber security
    CMA Committee representative attended

  • 14th March
    BCS Members Group Convention
    Two CMA committee members attended

  • 21st March
    Meeting with the Countryside Alliance - subject 'Measuring Mobile Quality of User Experience'
    Chairman attended

  • 25th March
    LSE Round Table on Regulation Evolution
    Regulatory Affairs Committee Member

  • 26th March
    BCS PPAB Meeting
    CMA Chairman Attendance

  • 27th March
    Ofcom International Briefing
    Regulatory Affairs Committee Member

February 2013

  • 5th Feb
    Federation of Small Businesses Annual Dinner
    CMA Chairman attended

  • 11th Feb
    CTF Seminar on Cyber Security
    Regulatory Affairs Committee member presented

  • 21st Feb
    Meeting with ICT KTN re CMA Annual Conference Planning
    Two Committee members attended

  • 26th Feb
    Ofcom Bilateral Meeting - regular discussion of topics of members’ concern
    CMA Regulatory Affairs Representatives

January 2013

  • 10th January
    CMA Committee Meeting
  • 11th Jan
    LSE Round Table on Regulatory Policy
    Regulatory Affairs Committee member attended
  • 15th Jan
    Meeting with CECA - Civil Engineering to support Fibre roll-out
    CMA Experts providing advice to CECA
  • 28th Jan
    Meeting with DCMS Mobile Improvements Programme Team. - Discussion on programme to extend mobile coverage to rural 'Not Spots'
    CMA Chairman attended
  • 29th Jan
    PICTFor Seminar on Broadband Roll-out
    Regulatory Affairs Committee member attended
  • 31st Jan
    Half day Workshop: 'The Cloud, BYOD and IPR - What do you own now?'
    Exploring the impact of third party cloud services and employees devices on the operation of a business.