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  • Raheem Sterling and ethnicity in UK IT

    Brian Runciman18th Jan 2019

    BCS has published a draft version of the second part of its definitive four-part series of evidence-based reports exploring equality and diversity in the IT workforce. Can you help us build a picture of the experiences of people from ethnic minorities in UK IT?. [Read more]

  • The rise of Neurodiversity networks - and why it’s a good thing

    Brian Runciman29th Nov 2018

    When I mentioned I was going to a roundtable discussion about neurodiversity in the workplace – the reaction was mixed, writes BCS’s Claire Penketh. [Read more]

  • DevOps in practice

    28th Nov 2018

    Businesses, particularly those of medium or larger size, have never been under more pressure to evolve through technology-enabled change and have never been at greater threat of disruption, increasingly from unexpected directions. [Read more]

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