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  • How to better manage your digital life

    Internet Specialist Group19th Sep 2018

    Anuradha Udunuwara, from the BCS Internet Specialist Group, provides some common sense advice on how to safely manage your digital life. [Read more]

  • Internet of Things: Definition, application and challenges

    Internet Specialist Group22nd Aug 2018

    Internet of things (IoT) is an intermediate term used to refer to the interconnection of physical components with the ability to connect and exchange data, without human interaction, due to the integration of software and electronic components. Examples of these components include home appliances, vehicles, and computing devices. [Read more]

  • SDN and NFV: Are they the same?

    Internet Specialist Group13th Aug 2018

    Anuradha Udunuwara MBCS examines the acronyms SDN and NFV, explains what they do and the differences between the two. [Read more]

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