Tiger, tiger burning bright

Paper Chain People The diversity of delegates, at a YPG Easter networking event in Cardiff, was highlighted during a 'speed networking' exercise. Max Davis reports.

The first social networking event launched by the YPG South Wales branch was held on 27th March 2007 and has been described as a 'huge success'. More than 30 attendees convened at the lively Cardiff night-spot 'Tiger Tiger' for an evening focused on learning about and leveraging the opportunities created by the YPG for local members.

Attendees were warmly welcomed by joint South Wales YPG coordinators Max Davis and Gareth O'Gorman and opened with an unusual ice-breaker event. The 'speed networking' exercise came as a highly recommended idea by Vicky Sadler YPG Rep and Clinton Walker of the Derby branch.

Similar in concept to 'speed dating', speed networking gives participants exactly three minutes to get to know all about their 'designated partner' before moving onto the next one. The exercise highlighted the diversity within the group, with attendees ranging from students to managers from universities, local companies and private enterprises around South Wales.

As part of the event, Jennifer Hewitt, Co-Vice Chair of the YPG National Committee, gave a short presentation on the BCS and the YPG. Jennifer said that the BCS is in favour of the YPG running more local and social YPG events. The BCS also strongly encourages members to show their support for events by attending as well as getting involved.

For many attendees, it was the first YPG event they had attended. Many were happy to discover that the YPG is an extremely active group with a number of interesting and useful events scheduled this year. The event also gave attendees the opportunity to network with members from the local and national committees.

Feedback from the event had been very positive, with comments such as: 'Very enjoyable overall – applause all round!' As a testimony to the effectiveness of the event, the South Wales committee members left the event with a long list of topic suggestions and requests for future events, as well as names of new volunteers.

The South Wales branch are planning to hold the next YPG social networking event in the next few months with a focus on career building and development.

The branch is also looking forward to collaborating with the YPG National Committee to bring well-established and popular event series such as YPG SkillCentres from London to Wales as part of the YPG's plan to nationalise events.

Joint South Wales Events coordinator Max Davis said, 'We're keen to increase our reach by taking events to our local members, wherever they are. For instance, it's likely that future events could be held in Swansea and Newport. It's our way of connecting young IT professionals around Wales.'

Getting in touch and staying in touch

If you're interested in getting involved or have ideas for future events for BCS YPG South Wales, contact Max Davis at maxd@bcs.org or Gareth O'Gorman at Gareth.O’Gorman@bcs.org.

For information on future events held in South Wales, go to  http://southwales.bcs.org/index.htm.

For a list of future YPG events, go to: http://www.ypg.bcs.org/events/.

16 April 2007

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