Hot nights, summer in the city

summer in city, boat In a move to combine the professional networking events series, ProNetworking, with raising the profile of the profession in a social context, the YPG hosted 'Summer in the City', on Thursday 6 September, a networking gathering set on a boat.

Over 100 guests enjoyed the funky tunes of the live six piece band, The Fallen Heroes, whilst taking in the warm summer's evening on deck, admiring the magnificent views of London by night and getting to mix and mingle with a group of like-minded people. YPG National Committee member, Daniel Coffin, reports.

Summer in the City was the first event where the YPG actively invited members of different professions to attend in an effort to add additional depth to debates by introducing alternative viewpoints.

When asked what inspired the YPG to host an event of this sort, lead organiser, David Taylor explained, 'our chairperson, Jennifer Hewitt, is extremely passionate about our profession and is pioneering collaboration with other professional organisations. IT is not a standalone profession, and being the BCS's Golden Jubilee year, we wanted to do something consistent with the direction we foresee our profession developing over the next 50 years.'

Networking events can be something of a minefield, especially in the captive setting of a boat where guests cannot simply depart at any time they please.

When asked about the event, the crowd and the atmosphere, Maggie Berry, director of, commented, 'The event was really excellent - I think the lovely weather on the day helped and we were able to sit 'on deck' all evening which was great. It was super to see London from a new angle. And we met and chatted happily with a range of new people. Everyone was very friendly and there was no standing on ceremony which was really refreshing.'

summer in the city, dome 

The delegates and guests were treated to the awe-inspiring sights of London at night, which included the Millennium Dome, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and many others.

One attendee commented, 'I've never been to a city as big as London before. The views from the boat (especially near the Millennium Dome) were simply something I've never seen before. It certainly seemed magical.'

As the boat rolled back into Tower Millennium Pier, it was clear from the banter that a lot of new friends had been made that evening.

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Networking, both to build professional as well as social networks is an essential skill in today's market place and the YPG is committed to providing networking opportunities for its members at its ProNetworking events.

The ProNetworking series also provides the unique opportunity for members to participate in a discussion on the most current IT topics with a panel of industry specialists. For a list of future YPG events, go to: YPG Events

September 2007