Video Interview: Andrew Dymond

February 2010

Andrew Dymond, CEO of LightWorx Media, recently spoke to Justin Richards about digital effects in film and television, his predictions for future SFX and about some holographic technology he's currently working on.

Read a transcript of this interview.


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    Mark wrote on 18th Feb 2010

    Fascinating. Looking forward to holographic fires, but would love there to be made a documentary [ lodged with computer and/or film museum] detailing how sfx were done in the good old days (20 years back) - if any of that equipment still operates. Had never heard of starhyke so have followed up on that advert !.

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    Abdul hakim halim wrote on 3rd Jun 2010

    I want only the roul and rogulation of the interivew that what will be most important thing
    in interivew

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