Special audio series

Starting in 2011, we are experimenting with creating a series of easy-to-download MP3 recordings which will be specially recorded along the lines of a number of popular radio-style genres - starting with a face-to-face interview, and a virtual ‘round table discussion’. We have provided these with album artwork and metadata for MP3 players and other devices which display these features.


Conrad Taylor interviews Guarav MalikGreen initiatives at the University of East London

We interview Gaurav Malik, computing lecturer at the University of East London, about the various green initiatives at the University of East London, including the encouragement of classroom recycling, reconfiguration of the University’s computing printing set-up to reduce paper, toner and electricity costs, and automated power management for campus computers.

  • Four-minute MP3 audio; 2.1 MByte
  • Right-click to save file to your computer: gaurav-malik.mp3


‘How Green is your Gadget?’

How green is your gadget?Laptops and other portable digital devices are getting quite pretty these days. Are they becoming fashion accessories, and might this be driving a trend to discard them early in favour of the ‘new cool model’? Should we be trying to keep our old gadgets in active service as long as possible, or are there practical and environmental arguments in favour of upgrading?

This is an edited recording of a five-way Skype conversation between members of the Committee of the BCS Green IT Specialist Group: our chair Bob Crooks, who is the Green IT lead for the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Professor Margaret Ross, a principal lecturer at Southampton Solent University and Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Group; Denise Oram, a Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr University; Colin Pattinson, Professor of Mobile and Converging Technologies at Leeds Metropolitan University; and hosting the call, Conrad Taylor.

  • 17-minute MP3 audio; 7.6 MBytes
  • Right-click to save file to your computer: green-devices.mp3