Video Interview: Martha Lane Fox

April 2011

Martha Lane Fox, the UK's Digital Champion, talks about her role with the government and also Race Online 2012, which aims to help get more people online.

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    PAVANA MALLADI wrote on 28th Apr 2011

    Fabulous interview.

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    P Lim wrote on 12th May 2011

    Good interview. Even better live at the National Digital Conference in Billingsgate yesterday!

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    David Williams wrote on 12th May 2011

    Yes, it was a good interview, and while I agree it is right for you to promote the internet you must, at the same time, be honest in declaring it to be a den of theives and that to enter therein without protection is just plain reckless.

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    Peter Abrahams wrote on 20th May 2011

    Martha's interview was really about digital inclusion, getting everyone on-line, and that includes people with disabilities.
    So it is very disappointing that the BCS put up the interview which is in a format that cannot be used by:
    - The deaf, or hard of hearing, because there is no captioning or transcript
    - The visually impaired, because all the questions were just text, and so it is difficult to know what Martha was answering. I am not blind but I found the switch from voice (Martha) to text on screen difficult, besides anything I had to concentrate on the screen all the time. I would suggest modifying the interview so that the interviewee reads out the questions when they are on screen.

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